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Your luxury wedding website

Your love is multi-faceted and should be shown off. Through creative storytelling and design, a one-of-a-kind online keepsake that goes beyond the RSVP form is thoughtfully crafted. I like instant gratification too, so your bespoke website is completed in just one week.
It's the ultimate culmination of your wedding.

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Your Love Story

drum roll please!



  • Your love story eloquently told
  • About the Bridal/Groom Party
  • Gallery
    • Engagement shoot
    • Proposal photos
    • Throwback pics
    • Videos
  • Customized RSVP Form
    • Ask dietary restrictions, guest names and more
  • Venue, Map, Schedule & Accommodations
  • Anything else your heart desires


Custom domain (like to share on invitations.



Several pre-recorded video tutorials that you can refer to again and again. You also get a one hour tutoring and hand-off session with me.


Tell me the details and I make you sound like the adorable couple you are! Engage and captivate your guests with a "how they got together" tale for the ages. Custom bridal party and groomsmen descriptions can be written as well to highlight the important role they play.

modern technology

  • Built on Squarespace, the premier website platform
  • Mobile responsive (that's fancy for "it looks fabulous on phones and tablets, effortlessly!")

  • Can be password protected for added privacy (& you won't show up in search engines)

  • Easily edited. User-friendly drag and drop.
  • Grows with you

content you own

Everything on your website is yours and yours alone. Once you're married, you can update the website with pictures from the wedding and honeymoon. Beyond that, keep your fan club happy with dispatches from married life.


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Purchase your website.

Receive a PDF from me with your "homework".
This includes a questionnaire where you share your wedding details and personal love story. Prepare your week ahead.


Pin away!

You'll need to create a Pinterest or mood board with 10-20 images that represent your wedding, aesthetic and inspiration. I can also liaise with your wedding planner. All photos you want used must be submitted.


We'll discuss your board, wedding and sure-to-be amazing story of how you fell in love. I share my concept for the site that aligns with your wedding.

Build and Write

Your website is built and the copy is written.
You get to sit back and relax.


One round of minor edits. This includes fonts, copy and layout. This doesn't include adding pages, re-writing paragraphs upon paragraphs or changing the design.


In other words, you go live! Share your website with everyone in anticipation for your big day. Print it on your invitations, share it on Facebook, give yourself a hashtag on Insta or just weep with pride you're marrying the most amazing person on Earth!


About Me

Your wedding is all about you.. but you may be wondering who am I? 

I'm Nicole Faith, nice to meet you! I have a Bachelor's in Media, Culture & Communication from NYU where I graduated as an Honor's Scholar. I worked at the leading website platform Squarespace for several years before starting my own business.   What does that mean for you? Basically, you have the most tech-savvy, design enthused, storyteller at your disposal. I have helped thousands (yes, thousands!) of customers build websites for weddings, e-commerce stores and portfolios. You get me all to yourself since I only focus on one couple at a time.
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your luxury wedding website

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